Dog Friendly Penrith

Heading to Penrith and want to find out about places and things to do with your dog? We’ve compiled a list of all things dog-friendly in Penrith, Cumbria!

Dog-Friendly Places to Visit

Lowther Castle and Gardens

Lowther Castle boasts a castle ruin, amazing gardens and an adventure playground for kids (although dogs aren’t allowed in the playground bit). However, there’s still acres and acres of woodland, gardens and paths to explore – and the café is dog-friendly inside too.

Image courtesy of https://lowthercastle.org/

Welly and Tails – Enclosed Dog Field in Penrith

Ok, we couldn’t do an article about dog-friendly places to visit without mentioning us….Welly and Tails Dog Adventure Park! After all, where else can your dog run around playing on fun agility equipment off-lead and generally having a WHALE of a time? 

Book online here: https://wellyandtails.co.uk/book/

Enclosed Dog Park Penrith - Welly and Tails
Dog Adventure Play Park – wellyandtails.co.uk

Ullswater Steamers

Always fancied taking your dog on a cruise? Well, now you can – across Ullswater, a beautiful lake not far from Penrith with Ullswater Steamers. You need to buy a dog ticket (currently £1.00) to take your dog on board, but they’re very welcome and you can cross to the other side, do a lovely walk and then head back.

Image courtesy of Ullswater Steamers https://www.ullswater-steamers.co.uk/

Dog-Friendly Places to Eat

Brougham Hall

You have to sit outside but Brougham Hall is a favourite of ours for something lovely to eat, and the hall grounds are a nice place for a wander around (there is a good walk towards the castle if you want to stretch your legs more).

Their website even says “Dogs are MOST welcome” – which is probably one of the best sentences a dog owner can hear! 😂

Image courtesy of http://www.broughamhall.co.uk/

Narrowbar Cafe

The Narrowbar Café in Penrith says it’s dog-friendly, and so do many reviews online too. Although I’ve never been there with my own dog, there’s always plenty of owners and dogs sat outside when I pass by.

I’ve been reliably informed that dogs also get a biscuit when they visit and that they’re very welcome!

Image courtesy of Narrowbar Cafe.

Boot and Shoe Inn

The Boot and Shoe Inn at nearby Greystoke is a dog-friendly village pub – and it’s just a few minutes drive from Welly and Tails! So it’s the perfect place to recharge after your run around the enclosed paddock.

They also offer dog-friendly accommodation.

Image courtesy of Boot and Shoe Inn https://bootandshoegreystoke.co.uk

George Hotel, Penrith

Community suggestion:

The George Hotel is an iconic hotel in the heart of Penrith and it offers dog-friendly accommodation. 

Dogs are allowed in the bar where you can eat and drink but they’re not allowed in the dining room. 

George Hotel - Dog friendly penrith hotel
Image courtesy of Cumberand and Westmoreland Herald: https://cwherald.com/

New Squares Cafe

Community suggestion:

New Squares Cafe welcomes dogs – and they’re open on a Monday which is unusual for many cafes in Penrith.  

They also have plenty of outdoor seating if you prefer staying outside after a muddy walk!

New Squares Cafe - dog friendly cafe in Penrith

Daffodils Cafe

Community suggestion:

Daffodils Cafe is close to St Andrew’s Churchyard and welcomes pooches inside.

Apparently dogs also get a biscuit – so it’s almost wrong not to take them! In Winter they often have a lovely open fire on – it really is a cosy little place to visit.

Daffodils Cafe - dogs friendly Penrith

The Agricultural Hotel

Community suggestion:

The Agicultural Hotel (or the Aggi to locals) is dog friendly in the bar area – so you can get a proper pub meal with your dog inside. Perfect for those days when you want a pub, not a cafe 🙂

Dogs can’t stay in the hotel’s rooms, but fine for a visit to the bar.

It’s really close to the train station so convenient for anyone not travelling in by car.

Agricultural Hotel - dog friendly pub Penrith

Dog Walks in Penrith

Penrith Castle

Penrith Castle is just a ruin but is popular with dog walkers in the town. Dogs do need to be kept on lead, but it’s a nice green space in the centre of town.

Image courtesy of https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/penrith-castle/

Thacka Beck Nature Reserve

Thacka Beck Nature Reserve is on the outskirts of Penrith but still easily walkable from the centre. With nearly 15 acres of nature to explore (on lead), it’s a great place to get away from the centre for a proper walk along the accessible path.

Image courtesy of Cumbria Wildlife Trust : https://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/nature-reserves/thacka-beck

Beacon Hill

Dog walkers in Penrith have told me about Beacon Edge up to Beacon Hill as a great place to go for a dog walk. It’s on my list to do! 

You can walk from Beacon Edge on the outskirts of town up the hill to get a view out across Penrith.

Image courtesy of https://www.visitcumbria.com/pen/penrith-beacon/

Have we missed any great dog friendly attractions or places in Penrith? Let us know at hello@wellyandtails.co.uk

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