Secure Dog Walking Field in Cumbria


Looking for a dog walking field in Penrith to hire? You’ve come to the right place!

It can be really difficult to find a secure place to walk your dogs off lead – where you know they are safe from other dogs or can’t get to livestock. Our 2.5 acre dog walking field with six foot secure fencing is the perfect place for dog owners who want to have a safe space to walk their dogs.

How do I find Welly and Tails dog walking field?

We’re located between the villages of Skelton and Ellonby, just 15 minutes outside of Penrith and 25 minutes from the middle of Keswick. It’s on an unnamed road, but hopefully the information below helps you to find us:

Why have you set up an enclosed dog field in Cumbria?

When we moved to Cumbria, we found there weren’t many places you could let your dog off lead. We live on a farm, and we’re all too aware of the problems that dogs off-lead can cause to sheep and other livestock so we decided to create the perfect place for dogs to come and run around safely without the worry of running to other dogs or livestock.

We also have a reactive rescue dog ourselves who can never be let off lead. He can also jump high walls and normal fences, so having a really secure, 6 foot enclosed paddock where our dog can be let off lead to run around, play on the agility equipment and let off some steam is amazing for us – and we thought there are probably other dog owners out there who need that too!

Is the Welly and Tails dog park close to Keswick?

Keswick has been named the ‘Most Dog-Friendly Town’ in Britain numerous times over – but where can you let your dog off lead safely? We’re just 20 – 25 minutes drive from Keswick and we’re a dog adventure park dedicated to giving your dog a fun-filled hour (or two!).

We’re also not too far from Ullswater, so we’re the perfect place to drop in on the way past from Keswick.

Will the dog paddock be exclusively for my own use?

Yes! You can rent the field with a number of friends, but no one other than the people who have booked the field will be in it at any one time and we have a ten minute changeover built in so that slots don’t overlap for people with nervous dogs.

Will there be any events on for dogs in the Penrith area?

Yes! We’re going to be running training workshops with fantastic trainers and have some breed meets and puppy socialisation sessions planned for dogs who are happy being around other dogs.

We’re planning a range of different events for local dog owners – so keep your eyes peeled!

Are you the only enclosed dog field in Cumbria?

Not quite – there are a couple around we’re aware of towards Appleby, Melmerby and Carlisle – but we hope to offer something a little different with our agility equipment, events and whopping 2.5 acres to enjoy. But the more the merrier we say!

What is a secure dog field?

Some nervous or reactive dogs might need a secure field where they can let their dog off to run around and not worry that they will escape. But, there are also lots of dog owners whose dogs are happy with other dogs and people, but want to know that they won’t be bothered by other dogs. There’s lots of different reasons why people choose to hire a secure dog field.

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