Welly and Tails Dog Park Opening

An enclosed dog walking park will be opening on April 23rd, 2022 in Skelton near Penrith, Cumbria.

The 2.5 acre paddock has been converted from an agricultural field at the owner’s farm into a pooch’s paradise, with secure 6 foot fencing, a purpose built parking area and wooden agility equipment. It’s like a playground for dogs!

Dog owners can book the park for their private hire online at https://wellyandtails.co.uk (the booking page opens on 16th April). Owners can book for up to 6 dogs at a time in the private hire sessions, and there will also be dog socialisation sessions if you have a friendly dog who wants to come and play with others.

The enclosed dog paddock is one of the first of its kind in Cumbria, and is designed to be a useful resource for local dog owners but also a destination for holidaymakers in the nearby Lakes who want to find a fun activity for their dogs.

Carrie Morgan, owner at Welly and Tails, said: “We have two rescue dogs ourselves who can’t be let off lead and we wanted to create a safe space for dog owners to be able to let their dogs run and have fun without worrying about them escaping or chasing anything they shouldn’t. We also had a vision of a playground for dogs – somewhere where they can really have fun and let off steam. We’re so excited to welcome everyone to the park in the coming weeks.”

Dog Park Penrith Alma

Welly and Tails has been set up to provide a secure place for dog owners to walk their dogs. Many owners have nervous or reactive dogs who can’t be let off lead because they don’t get on with other dogs. Consequently, there are now many dog owners with friendly dogs who worry about their dogs being attacked so want to hire somewhere where they know other dogs won’t be around. Or for some owners, recall is an issue so they want to walk their dog somewhere where they know they can’t escape.

Furthermore, with recent reports about dog attacks on sheep in the media, a safe, enclosed area where dog owners can rent a slot by the hour is the perfect way to allow dogs to have fun off-lead without putting livestock or other dogs at risk.

The dog park has fun play equipment like a tunnel, and climbing frames for dogs – in addition to jumps and a sandpit!

Welly and Tails Field Penrith

Owners can book online for a 50 minute slot, and a gate code gets emailed to them before their booking.

To mark the launch, Welly and Tails is having an open day on Saturday 23rd April 2022 where dog owners can come along to have a look around the site and ask any questions. To keep things safe, it will be an on lead event and only sociable dogs who are friendly with other dogs can come – but if you have a nervous dog, then please come along without your dog on this occasion to see the paddock. Here’s a link to the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2kIesvNaQ

Bookings for the park will then be available from Sunday 24th April onwards. In the run up to the launch, Welly and Tails will also be running a number of competitions to win a doggie hamper and free slots in the park, so keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

More Info

For more information, drop us an email at hello@wellyandtails.co.uk or send a message through Facebook.

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