Off-lead dog park near Keswick

A safe, secure dog walking field near Keswick for private hire.

The best place for dogs to visit in Keswick!

Keswick is THE most dog friendliest town in the country – but there aren’t a lot of places for dogs to have a proper off-lead run around.

Our off-lead dog park, with 2.5 acres of 6 foot secure fencing and fun dog play agility equipment, is based 25 minutes from the centre of Keswick in nearby Skelton (drop in at the nearby dog-friendly pub Boot and Shoe Inn on your way).

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Welly and Tails Map - Google Map - How to get there

How to find us

We are located on the road between Ellonby and Blencow (it doesn’t have a name!).

If coming through Skelton, turn left off Ellonby Road when you reach the crossroads at Ellonby, passing a farm on the corner on your left. The entrance to Welly and Tails is around 100 metres further down that road, just past a layby.

We have signs on the entrance – make sure not to turn down the farm track, if you don’t see our sign on the roadside then you’re in the wrong place 🙂

Postcode: CA11 9SH

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Google Maps Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/TRAcic9FSdYZdMt58

What does it cost?

Price is for a 50 minute exclusive booking:

Upto 2 dogs£10.00
Upto 3 dogs£11.00
Upto 4 dogs£12.00
Upto 5 dogs£13.00
Upto 6 dogs£14.00
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Private Hire

When you book Welly and Tails, the park is for your exclusive use – perfect for dogs who aren’t happy about mixing with other dogs.

Enclosed dog field Cumbria 28


6 foot secure fencing and a convenient car park, plus poo bags, poo bins and fresh water onsite.

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Tractor tyres, jumps, A-frames and sand pit! What more could a dog want?!

The perfect day out for your dog!

Book a private session or workshop

If you fancy something a little more, then why not book a workshop to learn a new fun activity while you’re in Keswick.

Based at our field 25 minutes from Keswick, I can construct a private 121 workshop for you and your dog on one of the below topics:

  • Learn Hoopers – a fun dog sport like agility
  • Beginner’s scentwork and searching – using your dog’s nose to search out food and items
  • Fun dog training for kids (get your kids involved training your family dog with some fun tricks and activities)
  • Freework calming and relaxing workshop for anxious or overstimulated dogs

Just £40.00 for a 1.5 hour workshop at our field in the Cumbrian countryside.

Dog training workshop in Keswick

Our dog walking field near Keswick

We’re the perfect place to visit for an early morning run around before your hit the shops and cafes in Keswick (or an evening amble while taking in the views.

More importantly, we are a safe option for dog owners, perfectly suited for:

  • Owners who have a reactive dog who struggles with walks in busy areas (trust me, I have two of my own like this).
  • Owners who have a friendly dog who needs a space where you can be sure no off-lead dogs will run up and bother them.
  • Owners with a fluffy bundle of energy who finds on-lead walks just aren’t enough!
  • Owners who need somewhere where they can be sure there are no livestock or small furries that can be chased.
Dog walking field in Keswick

“We just wanted a secure place where our dogs could run free, and we could be sure they would be safe.”


How many dogs can I bring?

In one booking, you can book for a maximum of eight dogs (if you’re a group who wants to book the field for more dogs then please get in touch on email hello@wellyandtails.co.uk or send a message on Facebook).

There’s a maximum of four dogs per adult so that you can keep an eye on your dogs and ensure all poo is picked up.

Do you have dog poo bins?

Yes, of course! We have poo bins onsite for you to put all dog waste in (but no other waste). If people are found to be not picking up their dog’s waste then we will have to suspend them from using our facilities. Please think about other users and help to keep it as clean as possible.

Can I book the field with my family and friends?

Yes of course – just book for the correct amount of dogs on the booking form.

If children are attending, remember that the equipment is strictly for dogs’ use only.

Is there car parking available?

Yes, we have car parking for around 5 cars just outside the dog paddock. Please keep your dog in the car until your session time starts so that the previous hirers can leave the paddock safely. We also have a special gated area that you can drive into to let your dogs straight out – however, this isn’t 6ft fenced so please keep your dogs under control until you get into the dog park.

What happens if it’s raining?

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance so please check the weather if you’re concerned about coming in the rain….. However, we are in a very rainy part of the world here! 🙂 Please check the full Rules section for more info.

How do I book the dog park?

Everyone has to book in advance before coming to the park (please don’t turn up if you don’t have a booking). You can book online here – then you will be emailed the code for the gate. When you get to the park, you can unlock the gate using your code.

Why is the booking for 50 minutes?

The 50 minutes is so that dog owners and dogs don’t overlap with each other. We ask everyone to have their dogs back in their car by the end of their 50 minute session so there’s ample time for the next person to arrive without having to pass each other. For example, if you book a slot at 2:00pm, you should leave the park at 2:50pm promptly so your dog is back safely in your car ready for the next person’s session to start at 3:00pm with no crossover.

Please also don’t get your dogs out of your car until the previous owners’ dogs are put away in their car as some owners will have reactive dogs that can’t cope with a dog walking around the car park.