Field Hire Terms and Rules

Please review the rules below before booking – these are here to keep everyone safe, happy and secure.

Dog mess

  • Everyone must pick up their own dog’s mess so please keep a close eye on your dogs at all times. Anyone found not picking up their dog’s waste will not be permitted to book the field again in order to keep the field a welcoming and nice space for all users. We regularly check the field for dog mess.


  • When you arrive at the park, please keep your dogs in your car until the previous person has left the field and put their dogs safely in their car.
  • You must keep your dogs on lead until you enter the secure dog field – do not let dogs out into the car park to run around as other users of the field may have reactive dogs who do not want any other dogs approaching them.
  • Do not enter the dog field if another user is in there.
  • Bookings last for 50 minutes and you must leave the field on time and have your dogs back in your car before the next booking which arrives ten minutes later. Please keep your dogs in your car while the next person arrives if they arrive before you leave.
  • Do not share your passcode with anyone else. If you book a session for you and your friends, it’s your responsibility to make sure they have all read all the terms and rules prior to using the dog field.
  • Dogs must never be left alone in the field.
  • For every 4 dogs, there must be one adult present – this is to ensure all dogs can be managed safely and any dog waste is promptly picked up.
  • When entering and leaving the dog field, the door to the field MUST be shut securely. Do not leave the door open for the next user.


  • Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations and regularly treated for flea, tick and worms to prevent spreading any diseases to other users.
  • If your dog has been unwell in the previous 48 hours, then please do not bring them to the dog field so that any illnesses are not passed on to other users.

Play Equipment

  • Use of the agility and play equipment is strictly for dogs only – please do not climb on the equipment or let children play on it.
  • Use of the dog play equipment is at the owner’s discretion.
  • Do not pick up the dogs and put them on the equipment, and don’t use the equipment if it is slippy or wet.
  • Before using the dog play equipment, you should visit your vet to check your dog is strong and healthy enough.


  • Owners use the field and the play equipment at their own risk. Welly and Tails accepts no responsibility or liability for the injury or death of any person or dog using the field and play equipment. Dog owners must assess themselves whether their dog is healthy and fit enough to use the equipment and should never force a dog to use the equipment.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for damage to any property and your car is parked in the car park at your own risk.


  • Please do not put any other rubbish or waste in our bins – please take all litter home with you. The bins provided are for dog waste only (it costs us alot to remove dog waste so any extra rubbish is very expensive).
  • Please do not groom your dogs onsite.
  • Please do not smoke or drink alcohol onsite.
  • Do not leave toys, treats or food in the field.
  • Do not let dogs dig in the main field – there is a sandpit for digging. If you find your dog digging, please refill the hole but do refrain from letting your dog dig in the field as it can be a hazard, and inform us of any holes you find.
  • There are livestock in surrounding fields – but there are double stock fences between the dog park and livestock so your dogs can’t ever get ‘nose to nose’ with livestock, but they will be visible from the dog park.
  • The fences are 6 foot high – if you think your dog can jump the fences then please keep them on lead.


  • We are based in Cumbria which is notoriously rainy. Whilst we walk our dogs happily in all weathers, we understand some owners might not want to use the field if it is raining. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy so please keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the preceding days to your booking.

Dog walkers and trainers

  • All dog walkers and dog trainers must have their own insurance in place to use the field with clients or clients’ dogs.
  • We do not permit any aversive training methods being used at our field.
  • Please contact us to find out more if you wish to use the field with your clients: hello@wellyandtails.co.uk

Cancelling your booking

  • You may cancel or rearrange your booking at any time up to 24 hours before the start time of your session by amending your booking on our website or by contacting us at hello@wellyandtails.co.uk.

  • After 24 hours, we are unable to refund your booking if you choose to cancel or rearrange.

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Socials and Group Sessions

  • During social and group sessions, owners are responsible for their own dogs. Whilst we are present at the session, it is not our responsibility to monitor your dogs – this is the responsibility of each owner for safety reasons. Every owner is responsible for their own dog and brings them to our social sessions at their own risk.
  • Only friendly, sociable dogs can attend our socials and group sessions. Any dogs exhibiting any over-aroused or aggressive behaviour may be asked to leave for the safety of all other dogs.

Banned Breeds

  • The current information from our insurers states that any banned breeds must be muzzled and on lead as per the Government’s Banned Breed legislation when in the car park of Welly and Tails (as they would need to be in any public place).
  • Once inside our dog park and the door is securely shut and locked, your dog can be let off lead and be unmuzzled.
  • There must be a 1:1 handler to dog ratio and only people and dogs from the same household may attend.
  • Owners of banned breeds must comply with all their banned breed exemption guidelines.
  • Only dogs with exemption certificates are permitted to attend the dog park.
  • In the event of a claim, we would require your Third Party Insurance Certificate and Exemption certificate.

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