Social Sessions

Welly and Tails Social Sessions

We run breed meets and also mixed breed / any breed social sessions where you can bring your dog to play and socialise with other dogs at the park. Everyone needs to book in advance to secure a spot at one of our sessions.

Available Social Sessions

If the link doesn’t work below then it means there’s no session scheduled yet – but check back soon. We’re happy to receive suggestions for future sessions if there’s a breed you don’t see here but would like to attend (the Large and Small/Medium groups can have any breed attend).

All Upcoming Socials

What happens at a Social Session

  • Please aim to arrive just before the Social Session start time as someone will be using the field before our session (please remain in your car until they’ve left as some dogs find it stressful seeing strangers and dogs in the car park).
  • We all start on lead until we’re all safely in the dog park with the gate shut. Everyone is responsible for their own dog but we use this time on lead to watch how everyone is interacting and make sure all dogs are feeling comfortable.
  • Only dogs who are friendly and happy playing off-lead with other dogs can attend. (We are also running some on-lead walk groups for dogs who might not be comfortable at a social session but would enjoy an on-lead walk with other dogs without meeting nose to nose.)
  • Once everyone is comfortable, we let the dogs off lead and keep walking in the field to give them a chance to meet and play. Any dogs who might be getting over-excited might need to go back on lead for a bit of time-out. If any dog is displaying any aggressive behaviour then we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave for the other dogs’ safety.
  • The social sessions are a friendly, welcoming session and a great way to catch up with other dog owners and chat all things dog-related! Some people come alone, some come in pairs and so on – everyone is welcome but if you’re nervous about coming then please feel free to send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Because there are lots of dogs running around, and some might not be familiar with children, we do ask that no young children attend. If children do attend, then they must walk around with the adults and can’t run around (I understand that’s difficult as a mum myself but it’s for everyone’s safety!).
  • We limit the numbers at each social session for safety.