The Big Easter Challenge for Dogs!

Easter dog training challenges - Welly and Tails

Are you ready to take the Big Easter Challenge?

Easter dog training challenges - Welly and Tails

We’ve created an Easter egg hunt at the dog park – but with no chocolate in sight! Instead we’re making your doggies work hard for their Easter treats this year with a Big BIG Easter Challenge – a set of 7 challenges to complete.

You can do the challenges at the dog park and hunt out the painted eggs dotted around the park – or do them at home and get creative!

We’d love to see your challenge attempts so tag us and we’ll share!

Help! My Reactive Dog Just Barked/Lunged at Another Dog! [INFOGRAPHIC]

What to do when reactive dog barks - Welly and Tails (2)

So you’ve just come in from the walk from hell – and your reactive dog has barked, lunged, or snapped (or worse) at another dog. Firstly, breathe. Have a cup of tea. Or something stronger. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. That’s why I’ve created an infographic about what …

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Your Foreign Rescue Dog: The First 3 Months

Settling Your New Foreign Rescue Dog

If you’ve applied to adopt a foreign rescue dog – usually a street dog from Romania, Cyprus, Greece or Spain, then here is a guide to help with those first few months. Even if you’ve already got your foreign rescue dog but are hitting some roadblocks, going back to square one can help, especially with …

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